Sunday, October 10, 2004


One of the big things I'm really trying to get my head around at the moment is what it means to be called to a particular ministry?

How do we know when we're called to something, how do we know its God and not just ourselves calling us somewhere?

Is the fact that we're passionate, gifted in, 'good at' or are told by everybody else that we should; good indicators of a sense of calling?

Does God call us to places we hate? I used to think not, but then you look at that story of Abraham in the Old School Testament (Gen 22) who is asked by God till kill his son Isaac (which he doesn't end up having to do). Now Abraham was clearly not passionate or excited about the prospect of killing his own son-I daresay he was downright opposed to it! But it seems that God was merely testing his faith.

I guess for me, the issue comes down to whether or not your own passions and desires are a useful tool in hearing your call-I have always thought so, but am now beginning to doubt that.

Maybe some things are a case of "If you are faithful with a little, you will be trusted with a lot" (Mt 25:21)

(I never thought my blog would be one where I'd end up quoting a whole bunch of Bible verses, but those two are quite relevant to my thinking about this)

One helpful quote I've heard is "Your call is when the world's deepest needs meet your hearts deepest gladness" Another is "Do not simply ask what the world needs, but find what makes you come fully alive-because if nothing else the world needs more people fully alive" I may have slightly misquoted those, but I hope you get the gist.

Those of you who know me well will know what all this relates to, so I won't bother explaining it all, but the wider concept of what it means to be called is more what I'm interested in.


Anonymous said...

Hey digger
Darryn here. Great questions on calling? One of the phrases that has stuck in my mind is "Loyalty beyond Reason" Sometimes a calling from God is not logical and requires a loyalty beyond reason. This can swing the other way as well and ignore the decision making faculties God has given us. I guess a balance is always good. If you have the time mate, check out my blog - (we chose the same template!)

Anonymous said...

hey dee ho, diggerino. its mason by the way.
nice blog-diggity. im a fan, its good to know whats goin on for ya. keep up the top work man

Anonymous said...

Hey Digs, Jo Evans (ie, Tunks) here.
This is so weird. I'm sitting at my desk in China trying to write an ACOM essay. I couldn't think of the exact quote I wanted so i googled "more people fully alive" and your blog was the only thing that came up. I read the top and thought, hmm this guy sounds like a good bloke to me - and an aussie! You'd be suprised how excited I've become about people who know what AFL is. Geographical hazard I guess. Anyway, I cacked myself when i saw who the blog belonged to. What are the chances eh?? After all that you didn't even reference the quote so i could steal if for my essay!! Scummy bastard!! But I do have something to say about the "Does God call us to places we hate" thing. I think the answer is yes, unfortunately. Not because he's mean and doesn't want us to be happy, but because often the things that are really worth doing take us way out of our comfort zone, push our buttons and are just bloody hard, unrewarding work at first. We'd never chose it ourselves so God has to call us there. Then we learn that there might be a whole other part of us that we would never have found out about had we not stuck it out. That's been my China experience. The first few months were so bad I was sure I'd buggered it up, gone to the wrong country or something. Yet God had to strip back a whole lot of stuff (which he is still doing) and eventually he knew that I would prove something important to myself, and it would forever change me. So I'm glad it's happenend but i never want to feel that way again. I remember repeating to myself "If this is what growth looks like, then I just want to stay the same".

Anyway, as usual I've said too much.
Take care buddy!
Love Jo

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