Friday, October 22, 2004

Crazy Spiritual Stuff

Was watching the John Safran vs God from Monday night, and I gotta say, its got me thinking-as well as a little freaked out!

Dunno if any of you guys saw it, but John was over in America, and received an exorcism by an American fundamentalist preacher-it was intense!

He was shrieking, growling and writhing around, and was fighting so hard it took 5 massive blokes to hold him down! It seemed to me there was definetely something going on there, but not exactly sure what, which is what has got me thinking.

Have been thinking a lot lately about spiritual issues, particularly in the more supernatural realm kinda stuff.

Coming from a pretty conservative background this kind of stuff is very much not part of my experience, nor am I quite sure about it all.

Got a 3 week series on the holy spirit at church at the moment, and I think I tend to try and over-analyse it all.

Plus there's this Mind Body Spirit festival happening in Tyabb on Sunday, it all seems to be happening at once, not sure how I'll navigate my way through it all, but we'll see.

I'll keep you posted.

But did anybody else see the episode? What did you think?

1 comment:

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