Saturday, October 09, 2004

Footy Club as 'church'

Had my footy club presentation last night, and don't even ask how I went-it was absolutely heinous!

There was the usual Best and Fairest, so congratulations to Matty Julz and Ash (Word up Flacky-awesome speech bro!) and then onto the thanking of numerous people who help out around the club, and its just amazing how much time and effort so many people put in to get us blokes out on the track.

Two of our club stalwarts were honoured with Life Membership for all the effort they've put into the club-well done Bretty and Val. I was sitting back and reflecting on how the footy club is, for so many people, their 'church'. I mean this in terms of the club gives us a form of identity and purpose, it helps give meaning to our lives and the social group of mates there really helps us shape how we live. As you can see, I totally see myself in this category sometimes.

One of the guys at the club once said, yeah thats because people worship football, not God, which I think I agree with to an extent, but don't completely.

So many people are so much more committed to that club than a lot of people are to their churches-which I think says something both ways, and the community there can be a very helpful place. There are of course a lot of negative, life-diminishing aspects to the whole footy club scene, but its not all bad as i think a lot of people would like to portray it.

Dunno what any of this means practically, just some thoughts running around my head last night!


Gareth Williams said...

I agree with you digger (btw thanks for posting at saintgaz). I do stats for Subiaco FC in the WAFL and find it very much a place where people find community and a second home. So many people working behind the scenes to make it all happen.
BTW I go to church with Mark Seaby (West Coast) and Ron Stockdale (Subiaco) who are both keen to share how they integrate footy and church so if you want I can put you in touch with them.

Digger said...

Yeah that'd be cool Gaz. I think my email address is up somewhere on my site-I'm very new to all of this! but if its not I'll sort that out.

I guess my key question is what would it take for a bunch of blokes at a footy club to see the club as church? Without extracting them from their culture and inserting them into our church one, how do we grow disciples in that context?
(And thanks to you too 4 posting on my site-this is so much fun!)

Gareth Williams said...

Exaclty what I think. You take people out of a place they know and where they can have a great impact and put them in a foreign environment.
That's how salt grows unsalty isn't it.

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