Thursday, October 14, 2004

Little Aussie Battlers

I'm speaking at a youth service for a friend of mine on Sunday, its like a commissioning sending off ritual kinda service, so should be pretty cool.

I want to talk about how our understanding of faith will change as grow and leave school, it be expand, be challenged and tested, and we will always need to be looking at how exactly we live out our faith wherever we are.

Got chatting to my mum about this, and we got onto the topic of why it churches always seem to celebrate the baptisms, the people who've made new commitments etc (and quite rightly so) yet we often are not so good at validating and honouring the journeys of those who've been around for ever. For some people Christianity has just always been a way of life, there's been no conversion story, no spectacular moment when you first fall in love with God.

So how do we honour those people, how do we honour their lifetime of faith despite struggles and doubts? They've seen friends and ministers come and go, sat through all of the various fads of church life, and still turn up faithfully every Sunday.

I remember hearing a friend say she was almost embarrassed to share her testimony, as she'd been to church all her life and never really strayed from it. I told her not to be so silly, but could understand why she felt that way. Maybe we spend too much time honouring the amazing at the expense of the everyday?

So fight on all you little Aussie battlers of the faith, stick at it!

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Christop said...

I reckon it's important that people with 'ordinary' stories about how they find God share them anyway, also 'cause otherwise it might seem as though Christianity's just for people with (apparently)extraordinary lives.