Sunday, October 24, 2004

Missed it

Unfortunately I missed the Mind Body Spirit thing in Tyabb, turns out it was on yesterday! Those kind of things really interest me, because it shows that people are genuinely searching for spiritual stuff, but unfortunately these people are not looking in churches.

Half the reason for this I reckon is because so many Christians are so tight-arse and unwilling to listen to people who think differently to them. I have no problem with sticking firmly to our beliefs, but it just annoys me that so many people are simply unable to have a conversation with these people because they're so freaking narrow minded.

Sure we could sprout on about how all this alternative spirituality is so self-centred, consumeristic, evil, wrong or whatever else we want to call it, but I think people are genuinely searching for God, and we need to involve ourselves in these conversations. My mate Petes written a good post on this here

I was talking to a mate from cricket last night, and was explaining about a guy I know who goes to those festivals and uses Tarot cards to talk about Jesus. Its just all about going on to people's turf, speaking their language and contextualising the Gospel. Classic Acts 17 stuff.

His reaction was all 'But Tarot cards are evil, you can't use them' etc, but I reckon we need to be always looking for new ways to explain what Jesus was on about. A guy called Darryl has explained this well here.

Hope the links work!


Christop said...

Nup. Need to fix the links. Actually, some of my links turned out like that the other day, so I think it might be a problem with Blogger.

Another thing is most Christians still seem to see alternative spirituality as something that's on the fringe of society, something that only hippies get into, but it's actually a pretty important part of Australian society now.

Digger said...

Cool thanx, might have to see if I can work something out with that.

Yeah true that, Australia is the most secular country in the world, so without religion people are looking elsewhere to fulfill their spiritual desires.

chrissa said...

G'day there Dogga Cat Paulie Diggity Randle, thought I'd have a quick squiz at your blog. I was interested to see that you have misquoted my opinion on Tarot cards and the like. Was that artistic licence on your part, or did you misunderstand what I was saying?

Otherwise keep up the good work.



Digger said...

Yeah sorry about that Pivotal, I think I fused two conversations into one there. The fact I had just spoken to you reminded me of another, perhaps less open-minded person I have spoken to. Sorry about the implication there mate.

Nice work on remembering my site address though!

What were your thoughts on what I was saying?

Anonymous said...

That's cool Cat-Dog, I can see that you are making a good point that I agree with. What I think I was saying was that you have to be aware of what you are dealing with, ie superficially things may seem harmless however below the surface they are something else.

But back to contextualisation. Christians have always used nature and peoples beliefs and environments to explain Jesus and religion in a manner that they are able to relate to.


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