Friday, October 15, 2004

Thats why I do youth ministry

Had youth group tonight, and had a couple of our younger guys organise the night for the first time, one of whom was just recently baptised and massively raw in terms of Christian experience, but keen as anyway

The night itself was pretty normal for us, a whole bunch of games and running around, some worked some didn't and a bit of food and hanging out. We didn't even have a devo or anything remotely God like explicitly mentioned.

Then we had a bit of a de-brief and one of the younger leaders shared about how much just being in Christian community, being able to come and hang out with friends, and be entrusted with a bit of oppurtunity had really helped her grow lately. This didn't come about because we had a really top quality program or great stuff on every week, it came about through relationships.

And thats what ministry is all about.