Friday, October 29, 2004

Why did Jesus die?

Was having this discussion with my Vetamorphus kids yesterday. Why did Jesus die exactly? Was it all part of God's plan-and if so, why did God need to effectively kill himself so that we could have a relationship with him?

Was He just killed because he so badly annoyed the religious officials of his day, was it because the world could not handle such a man that was so open to God, and so extraordinarily loving, that they were so confronted by Him they had to kill him?

I've always heard the easy 'To save us from our sins' response, but I'm just trying to flesh out exactly what that means.

There's obviously a whole lot of prophecies about him from the OT, but is it possible that the Gospels were written in such a way to satisfy these prophecies, to make Jesus more believable to the Jews?

How did people view Jesus before that big Nicene (I think it was that one!) creed where they fleshed out the whole fully human, fully God thing?

Again, big questions, and I'm not even gonna try and answe them for the moment. Any thoughts?