Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Greek orthodox church

It has been fascinating today and last week at work talking to a guy who is my age who has just completed his first year of a theology degree at a Greek Orthodox college in Sydney. Its amazing how similar, yet remarkably diverse our faith traditions are.

We were discussing why the schism of 1054 happened, which was kinda a short lived discussion as neither of us knew much at all about it! But I'd be interested to hear if anybody can sum up why it happened (in the space of a blog reply!)

He was talking about how they use chanting and prayerful mediatation, stuff which is kinda hip in some circles but ahs been a part of his tradition for like 2000 years. A lot of people bag out tradition, but he finds it meaningful in his services, and i reckon we could learn a lot from those who've gone before us.


Antony Hanson said...

Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy had already begun to move apart before the Great Schism of 1054. There were deep racial, ethnic, and linguistic differences between the Eastern and Western Church that were the reason for the schism, as much as the given immediate reasons at the time, which were 1) The rejection by the Eastern Church of the supremacy of the pope, and 2) A difference in the wording of the Nicene Creed (the "filioque" clause) as to the question of whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only (Eastern), or from the Father and the Son (Roman).

This is my understanding of it.

Anonymous said...

I read in Heroes & Heretics that the reason the first Christians used chants instead of singing was that they associated singing with the old covenant.

Christop said...

Oh, that was me, by the way. Forgot to click my name instead of 'Anonymous'.

Digger said...

Thanks arlen, thats a prety succint summation of it I think. Thanks for posting too!

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