Monday, November 08, 2004

Is Salt and Light enough?

Have just been reflecting on what has been another fantastic year in my work as a High School Youth Worker, its not quite over yet, but nearly.

I had some really fantastic relationships with this years Yr 12s, and I'm genuinely really sad to see them go. I would genuinely class some of them as good friends, and have had an absolute blast at school.

But, I also see my role as a pretty evangelistic one (that is, I'd hope that Jesus would be made real to people in such a way that they choose to follow Him, and I'd hope that God would be able to use me somewhere in that process) and I'm not sure if I've been successful in that.

By no means is my primary aim to 'convert' the whole school, but at the end of the day I'd like to see the kids becoming disciples, cos thats what I believe life is all about.

So, I've hung out with them, gone to all their parties and school events, but their still not following Jesus. Have I failed? I think not, but I still wonder if I've been as effective as possible in my role.

I absolutely hate it when people go into schools with the sole objective of getting kids to church, cos i think thats just manipulative and wrong. You've gotta be in there, get to know and love the kids, and out of that, talk about Jesus. Not the other way around.

And because I know and love those kids, I want them to 'have life to the full' that is, following Jesus.

I guess I'm still exploring new and different ways of doing evangelism, I know what I don't want to do, but still not 100% on what I do. I think you need something more than just hanging out with people, but am really unsure what the next step is.


Gareth Williams said...

I hear ya digger. It's easy (relatively) to hang out with people and they enjoy you. But it's harder to take that next step.
But put it this way. If you hadn't been there, who would they know is a follower of Christ.
I know planting seeds is a typical thing to say right now but it's the truth. You plant them, God does the rest.
I'm sure in the future you'll look back on this experience as a valuable one, for the kids and for you.

Anonymous said...

I agree
Having really just started this year with highschool ministry(and taking charge of it at Subi for next year) I really hope my focus is NOT to get them to church, i honestly hope my focus is to show them the love and grace of christ, befriend them and be a person they can trust and talk to. I have a lot to learn but i really feel if I am bubbling with the love and grace of God it cant HELP but be infectious and spread to the kids. Just my thoughts:)

Ontario Emperor said...

Again, it has to be emphasized that YOU will not save them; God will call them. He uses human agents to call them, and uses mysterious ways to call them, but He does the work.

Digger said...

Yeah this is true-something we often need to remind ourselves.
I guess the question then comes down to how we best facilitate God working through us-how do we best serve Him in the school...
Tough questions.

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