Monday, November 15, 2004

Totally different paradigm

Was at a 21st of a mate from YITS on Saturday night, which was awesome fun, particularly catching up with the Big Tasmanian.

But I was talking to another friend there about some of my thoughts in terms of looking at doing a church plant next year. She was really positive about it, and asked how the process was coming along, and then asked "So have you got your music team together?"

I almost had to stop myself laughing, because that kind of thought is so completely opposite from where I'm at. It really struck me as funny how different our paradigms were in terms of thinking about church planting.

For me, questions like 'Who will join me in starting, who are we aiming this church at, what community are we trying to connect with, do we even need a specific church meeting?' are heaps more relevant at the moment.


Garth said...

Wow, what a response from your friend, "have you got your music team together?". Certainly a franchised approach to church planting hey!

I have been similarly struck by the comment, "So where will you be getting your teaching from". As if I haven't been taught up to othe eye-balls....I want to actually do it, not theorise about it.

Digger said...

I remember somebody else saying to me that I was questioning the need for sermons-'but you need teaching in church' they loudly protested.

I agree, but I just don't think having sermons is always the most cost effective. I remember reading a fantastic quote about putting people in situations that require them to learn. Eg, actually helping poor people instead of preaching on it, then maybe reflecting on the experience.

Ontario Emperor said...

Obviously there's more than one way to plant a church. From my perspective, the single essential is that Bible reading be included in some way.

Digger said...

Hey Emperor, thanks for the post.

I would agree that some level of Biblical reflection has to be a part of the life of the church, but not necessarily every meeting.

I'm interested in looking at why people consider different things as essentials for church, what are our defining principles?

Not exactly sure what mine are, but inclusiveness would probably be a primary one. If its going to exclude somebody, than maybe its not worth doing...

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