Thursday, December 23, 2004


In melbourne there's been heaps in the papers over the last week or so about the over-commercialisation of Christmas and how people have lost the true meaning of Christmas etc. There was a fantastic article in mondays Age (thats a short version) which really sparked me to think.

It was saying a little about why it is that even secular people are mourning the commercialisation of Christmas and the fact that heaps of parents want to teach their kids the true meaning of Christmas-even if they don't follow Jesus as such.

One of the things I get most annoyed at it when schools won't let kids have Santa-let alone Jesus or the Nativity Scene. Whether you believe it or not, its a freaking Christian festival. To me, not letting people celebrate Christmas for what it is, is more narrow-minded and impinges on people's rights far more than letting people acknowlege the true meaning.

It'd be like telling Muslims that Ramadan is just a period of fasting to celebrate life, or giving, or family or whatever other soppy crap somebody decides the meaning is.

I'm not massively keen on using Christmas as a big evangelistic tool-in terms of saying 'Hey Jesus came to die for your sins, follow him etc etc' but I do think Christmas is a fantastic time to reflect on our own lives in terms of how well they reflect the life and mission of Jesus.

What part are we playing in Luke 4:18-19? Are we doing our best to live our lives in accordance with those principles?


Anonymous said...

Hey Digger, Do you have a rss feed?

Also, I can't find your email addy on your blog - but maybe it is my eyes.


Anonymous said...

On TV today saw a interveiw with a dude from the Salvation Army and he said there are lots of people out there who feel they can't afford christmas. Dose that mean Christmas is now only for people who can afford to celebrate?
He also said that parents couldn't show they love their children as they can't afford to buy their children a gift. Can understand why people feel that way but they shouldn't but this is waht Christmas seems to be turning into!!

Garth said...

I was actually after an RSS feed too! You're popular mate.

Digger said...

Yeah its a pretty poor sitch hey Anon-I reckon thats one of the other things that pisses me off; that people think they have to spend money on people to show them they are loved.

Its such a consumer-driven crap thing. And its so dominant, it just feels so hard swimming against the tide!

Digger said...

Dudes i have no idea what an RSS feeder thing is! I'm such a computer dumbarse! I might look into it a bit more after Christmas.

And my email is diggerdiggerdigger@hotmail, i think its somewhere on my site-not sure where but!

Christop said...

Agree with you about the evangelism thing.
Was watching a church-run Carols by Candlelight on Channel 31 tonight, and half of it was a guy up the front talking. The people have shown up because they want to sing songs, not listen to someone talk. Therefore, it's not the best place to have someone doing a sermon. I think they'd get a better picture of Jesus if they just had a good night.

Gareth Williams said...

C'mon digger. Pull your finger out and give us the RSS feed.
I put a post on my blog about how to set it up a couple of weeks ago, you can search through and find it. It's not that hard to do (though make sure you save your template in a Word doc before you do it).

Digger said...

Na, thats it-I'm not selling out to you guys and your time-saving driven demands for me to sort out whatever this RSS crap is!

You should all just take the time to chill out and check my blog individually each time!!

Or I might just try and sort it out today...

Hephaestion said...

I feel exactly the same way you seem to from your comments. I am not a Christian, but here in America the fundamentalist Christians are creating quite a fuss because some places restrict the way Christmas can be celebrated in publicly-owned places. Yes, I don't want my tax dollars spent on teaching Christian doctrine that I may disagree with, but I do feel it's silly to try to neuter the Christmas holiday and pretend it's not a religious holiday. That's just silly. Doing so causes more harm than it does good. Figuring out how to handle this is a great challenge for multi-cultural nations.

Gareth Williams said...

I say we boycot digger's blog until he does it!!!!!
Anyone up for it.

Digger said...

I did something to my settings-has it worked?

Gareth Williams said...

Well done son.

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