Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I love my church

I've just been reflecting lately on how cool Franga is-I just love it.

Our Christmas service is always so laid back and funny, and its just great fun. I was selling snags to raise money for a camp and as I talked to all the various members of both congregations-Iwas just reflecting on how cool the people. The building is nothing special, the services aren't the flashiest, funkiest around-but I just love the community and the people.

Which made it even harder to informally announce to the evening congregation that I wouldn't be doing youth ministry and wouldn't be around as much this year. At the moment I'm in the process of getting a team together to start a new congregation in the Tyabb-Somerville area, with a bit of a focus at the footy club. But more on that later.

No real purpose for this post-just to say how much I love Frankston!


Anonymous said...

YOOO DINO!!! it's mase!
Dude, i have been thinkin bout the same sorta thing lately! You don't know how happy it makes me to hear people say that stuff bout franky town!
Mine was sparked by not being able to be at the Christmas service. I was surprised at how much harder that was than i thought it'd be, and it helped remind me just how much the community means to me.
BTW, i think the bbq was a fantastic idea, and we should do it more often [esp after morn service], just because we can and something bout eating together and hangin out is cool!
Something else that reminded me how much i love it was goin to church on boxing day in the morning, where there were about 40 ppl...it was AWESOME, and same with church the next sunday morning...the place is just full of such beautiful ppl! and to top it off, the night service was also awesome, as was dinner at La Pas!
Now digs.....THIS is what i get passionate about! :P :P
chat soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just have to say this. You do know that both of you talk just like Cindy :) Scary that!


Anonymous said...

well hello,
i couldn't help but admire the zeal behind your love for frank and his town... in fact, i thinkn that a little bit of that love has rubbed off on me. can we meet up and discuss this further? i am 21, female, shaved head, and i looove frankston. i also have a monobrow.

may i suggest a game of volleyball? i gotta wear a mouthguard though.
digger and sausage sizzles make me something something...

wack diddle? DONT MIND IF I DOOOOO!


Digger said...

Thanks for your thoughtful, insightful comments AJ. I'm glad my years of youth leadership have shaped you into the mature man you are today...

Haha, I don't know who should be more scred Phil-me or Cin!

Nice comments from you too Masonic! Good to hear from ya-quality levels of passion :)

hamo said...

G'day Digger - just heard Grant is going to Frankston - nice snare for you guys - he's a good bloke - bummer for WA tho!

Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

yo yo, it's mase again.
digs, i conclude that sounding like Cin can only be a good thing! haha :P lol tis scary tho!! especially if one can tell just by reading a blog post and a comment! hehe! catch soon!

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