Monday, January 17, 2005

So good to be back

Man it was so good to get back into footy training tonight! Totally unfit, but thats pretty standard for me, whether I've had a couple of months off or not!

So good to catch up with all the boys too, haven't seen most of them for ages, was awesome fun to have a laugh and have a kick with them!

Bring on 2005!


Gareth Williams said...

What, you've only just started training. You guys are slack! Don't you want to be winners or something?

Digger said...

Haha, na we've been training for ages, its just that I haven't been able to make it down till now.

Mate don't worry about us, we're looking at two flags this year!

Garth said...

Mate....know the getting re-fit campaign. Not real good for a guy whose 40 and still trying to take it up to the younger guys. I think bits of me will start falling off soon.

Hey, good hard...enjoy!

Gareth Williams said...

Garth, George Forman once said, "I could still be champ, but I'd feel bad about taking it away from one of the younger guys."
Digger, I went ot the beach with your new boss this morning, he's amped to come over. He told me the Yabbies had invited him to play this season. Just make sure you've got a good doctor handy.

Digger said...

Yeah only the best down at Tyabb mate-we'll look after him!