Friday, January 14, 2005

They pray a lot

Went yesterday to help my Mum with cooking for YWAM-an organisation that does a whole bunch of stuff, including what they call Impact Summer, where they basically go down into an area, in my case Frankston, and do a whole lot of little mission programs, kids programs, dancing and doing dramas in shopping centres, street evangelism etc.

Not really my cup of tea, and definitely not my preferred method of ministry or evangelism. They were also pretty full on, casting out demons out of little kids, laying hands on lawn mowers, praying for random people at the beach etc. So much stuff which makes me cringe about Christianity, but I'm doing my best not to get all into bagging them out-just that just helps nobody.

The thing that did strike me in the very short time I was hanging out with them was how much they pray, and just fully rely on God in all things. In my experience, their evangelical passion and of groups who are similar theologically means they pray a lot, read their Bibles heaps etc. Not that these things are the bees-knees in themself (in fact I'd be very wary of the spiritual expectations put on people in that kind of culture) but I think I've got a bit to learn from their approach.

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Garth said...

We used to have a YWAM presence inour town. Although it didn't sound like the one you witnessed. None of the crazy laying hands on lawnmowers etc...It was great. They would get some international YWAM teachers in for their discipleship schools and Tuesday nights were open to anyone to come. Was all pretty balanced stuff.

Sounds like they are experimenting...who knows. Sometimes you can get one leader whose ideas are swallowed without any critical thinking at all.

The prayer though is reminiscent of the YWAM I knew. And I agree with you. Its great to be reminded hey!