Friday, February 25, 2005

Emerging church summary

This dude has given a decent explanation behind the whole emerging church movement. As I've mentioned before, its a bandwagon I'm not totally keen on jumping right onto, but the way these kinda people think does really resonate with me.

For me, its not a case of going 'Hey, here's a new thing, lets do it' but rather my questions and discontentedness with church seems to have been validated, and alternative paths forward have been pointed to.

A simple definition for me is people trying to church in a way that might help the 80% of Australians for whom the model of church offered by 95% of churches is neither culturally applicable, interesting or relevant.

The thing I like about the Missional Church movement, which I guess Forge is at the forefront of, is the good theological grounding it has. The Incarnation is central to all we do, and mission is the first and foremost priority. Model stuff (how and where you meet, what you do etc) is second to getting the missional focus right.