Monday, February 14, 2005

G'day Grant

For all you Sandgropers (where does that name come from? Who is sand? Why does everybody want to grope her?) who have stumbled onto my blog, you will be glad to know that your man Grant was warmly welcomed into our community yesterday.

He seems like a pretty good bloke and will fit in well I reckon. I'm off to ameeting with him this arvo to see if he can help sort out the mess I've made of our youth ministry!

His first srmon in the morning was so one I'd preach, great stuff about us all being everyday missionaries to our own friends etc. Then at night we presented him with some moccasins-true Frankston culture!

The bit I was most impressed by was that he took up my challenge to preach his first sermon with no shoes! A fine tradition I was glad he could uphold!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool you gave him moccasins - one of your other ministers has big lace up ug boots - so he should understand his missional context :)

Anonymous said...

no shoes:O we get shot if we don't wear shoes to read the bible reading yet alone preach! Oh to be able to walk around without shoes on(and preach, not that i have preaced at church yet)

Digger said...

Haha, yeah we're pretty lucky with stuff like that at Frankston!