Friday, February 18, 2005

Great week

Had a top week this week, school camps are just much fun! Sometimes my job is just so hard...

Was great having the oppurtunity to come back for a Communities That Care meeting(sponsored by council money, its just a whole bunch of locals volunteering to get together and help out the young people in our community) There's some good programs going ahead, and I really enjoy connecting with other like minded people in the community-particulalrly schools people.

Heading off to Forge this weekend, which i'm so totally pumped about! Its gonna be awesome! I've heard a bit of their stuff before, but am looking forward to the whole experience. If any of you are around, I'd totally recommend coming down for the open nights on Fri and Sat. Michael Frost is a brilliant communicator, totally inspirational. Its at 8 at Northen Church of Christ, 81 High St Preston. Thorpie says its fully sick.

No doubt I'll be blogging heaps more about my experiences there!

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