Saturday, February 12, 2005

More on spirituality

Garth has once again posted some great stuff on spirituality, its a top blog-check it out.

He talks about the stuff that nourishes our spirit as being way more than what we would normally think. Many Christians seem to be able only to nourish their spiritual lives through expressly Christian activities, and limit their spiritual experiences to those that happen when in church.

Walking the dog, watching a great movie, having an in-depth conversation, can all be things that nourish our spirituality. These things may seem to have nothing to do with God, but i believe God can speak to us through these experiences-if we are open to Him. A crazy, most inspiring as dude called John, has written this, a bit of his perspective that kinda relates to what I'm talking about.

A mate once said that anything that refreshes or relaxs you is time with God-I don't know if i'd go that far, but its an interesting point. I still think that on some level we need to refer back to God on some level in our minds, otherwise its just a relaxing surf, or a cool picture to look at.

Dunno if that makes sense, but if it gets you to think about what spirituality is, then thats OK :)


Roo said...

watering the lawn does it for me :-) I find it a great time to just relax, and i find when my mind empties i naturally start to worship God i suppose....just a feeling of thankfulness begins to build up....

Julie said...

Oh, I definately believe, as a mystic myself, that God is in all things and that is the beauty of knowing and experiencing God in any level or kind of activity, anything can be Divine. Anything that is of Love is of God, to me anyway. A sufi saying is 'looking for God is like a fish in the ocean looking for water"....
be blissed and blessed today, I enjoy your blog.

Steve Chatelier said...

A mate once said that anything that refreshes or relaxs you is time with GodI guess my comment here would be that surely our spirituality needs to go beyond that which is simply relaxing, quiet etc. Perhaps this is another example of a fairly narrow understanding of what can be spiritual, ie that it has to be mystical or meditational...can not moments of chaos also nourish our spirituality?

Digger said...

Thanks for the post Julie, some great thoughts there. I liked that little saying too. Tell me more about what it means to be a mystic?

Digger said...

Thats a really interesting thought Steve-that had never really crossed my mind.

That hasn't really been my experience, but maybe thats because I haven't been open to God in those situations...

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