Sunday, February 20, 2005

So Far

Forge has been going real well so far, only a day and a bit into it but really loving it. Having already read Shaping of Things To Come and hunf out with the Forge dudes a bit, there hasn't been heaps of massively new information or anything, but its just been so cool hearing the stories of others looking to do the same kinda thing I am. There's people planting little churches, and doing really awesome missional stuff all over the place.

There's a few others doing schools work, which although its not my context for doing Forge-no doubt I'll learn heaps from those dudes.

It was really good hearing Deb Hirsch talk about the whole closed vs open set evangelism. It works better if I have a picture but basically it talks about how people used to understand faith as very much an in or out thing. We were in, everybody else was out, and its our job to get them in. She thinks we need to look at it much more like a whirpool kinda shape, with Christ at the centre. So everybody is always somewhere on the whirpool diagram, and either facing Christ or not. Salvation (whatever that means...) happens at some point that only God understands. I'll try and post a picture to explain it. I first heard that at college two years ago, and found it to be a very liberating view of faith and evangelism.

Frosty did some awesome stuff on Christ and Culture, and Mark Sayers was absolutely brilliant on culture stuff. He is one of the smartest dudes I know, and I'll keep you posted as to some other stuff he's gonna be speaking at.

Good times, good times.


Anonymous said...

"awesome" - Mmmm, now what did I say about that :)

mason said...

hey digs.
interesting concept, the whirlpool one. would be interested in some Bible verses or whatever to back that up? feel that i would need that before i could decide that that concept was one that i could unquestionably adopt. so if we're all in the same whirlpool, why do some people go to hell? (according to the Bible)? What stories/verses in the bible back up the whirlpool thing? genuinely asking! love mase. ps. glad u had fun!

mase said...

but i have to say, straight away that concept fits with me and makes sense.
have to figure out if that is a God thing or a mason thing ie. whether it fits well bcoz it makes things easier or whether it fits well becoz it is the truth.

Digger said...

Yeah good call Mase on both posts. Its funny I wanted to, but didn't get around to asking the chick, the same question.

I'm not normally one to have to prove things from the Bible, but I know I deal with a lot of people who are like that-which is cool. But I do too want to know that whatever I hear has some basis beyond itself, and is not just another theory.

I guess I take something as true if it fits with my experience, rather than trying to define truth then squeeze my experiences into it. Very postmodern i know, but hey, thats how I am.

Maybe it fits a little more easily with Jesus' rather fluid, and not totally defined, concepts of what the Kingdom is like, rather than what Paul has to say.

I think its more to do with here on earth stuff rather than after we die too. But good reflection masonic-appreciate it mate!