Monday, March 14, 2005

Constantine-The Movie

Went and saw Constantine last night, and man, thats one intense movie! The plot is pretty unplausible, some of the acting a bit shoddy, but man it got me thinking.

Keanu Reeves' character is some sort of exorcist, trying to maintain the balance between good and evil on earth. A whole lot of stuff happens, he earns his way into heaven by being self-sacrificial and its all OK in the end.

The thing that it got me thinking about was the whole spiritual warfare deal, something I have very little experience of or knowledge in. I have generally just considered that its a probably a reality on some level, but something for others to deal with. Being a pretty skeptical person, the whole idea hasn't been one I've immediately taken on. There would seem to be precedence for it in the Bible, but I've never really checked out or looked into the stories.

We had some great discussions at VETAMORPHUS on it last week, because Bob Larson (that crazy exorcist dude from John Safran vs God) was in Melbourne last week.

I think a lot of what many people would class as demon possession may be able to be attributed to mental health issues, and a lot of people can handball blame for bad things happening in their life far too easily to things like spiritual attack.

I do believe there are spiritual forces at work for both good and evil in the world (althought I definitely wouldn't class that as Christians vs Everybody else) and I would probably do well to be more aware of those things.


Simon said...

Spiritual Warfare is real and there are several good references in the Bible that provide a glimse of what is happening "behind the scenes". Some good references to check out are:

Ephesians 6:10-18
Daniel chapter 10 (specifically verses 12-14)
Job (specifically chapters 1&2)

A great novel to read which explores the battle going on in the spiritaul realm is Piercing the Darkness by Frank E Peretti.

c_neil said...

The minions of Hell are nothing that Ted "Theodore" Logan can't handle!

Wild Stallions Rule!

Digger said...

c_neil I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Thanks for the references Sime, I'll have to look into them a bit more thoroughly at some stage to see what they're about. As you'd probably know, i'm not really one for just taking and believing stuff from the Bible on face value-if Bible college has taught me nothing else its how complex so much of Scripture is, and aware of our own cultural understandings we need to be.

Susan L said...

"Revrend" Larson has been repeatedly embroiled in various scandals here in the USA.
Read pages and pages of details here:

Garth said...

Don't know where you're at with the spiro warfare but I found Piercing the Darkness to be a good read and also provoked quite some thinking too.

Digger said...

Yeah still working out where I'm at with it all, but I'm cool with that.

It was interesting yesterday talking with a mates girlfriend and hearing her perspective on it all. We were talking about the band Incubus-one of my favourite bands, and what their name means, which is basically a demon that tries to spiritually rape people.

She decided to stop listening to their music because of that, which I thought was a bit extreme, but thats OK. She also said when she was at their gig she was repeatedly feeling sick and dizzy, even when she wasn't in the moshpit. She put this down to being under spiritual attack. To be honest I'm pretty skeptical about that kind of thing, but who am I to try and deny how she interprets her experience.