Thursday, March 03, 2005

Flexible Church

I'm so excited about church this week, it should be wicked as.

Just last week I realised that this Sun was Clean Up Australia Day, and I thought that might be something cool to do for church, so I spoke to Grant and he let me run with it-which was cool as.

We're meeting at church at 6 to catch up with anybody who didn't hear the announcement, having communion there, then driving up to Ballam Park to do a bit of cleaning up till about 8. We're also gonna have a bit of a barbie to raise money for our youth camp the next week.

I think we might break up into little groups and I'll give them a couple of questions to discuss as we wander around together. I'd like to discuss what people's impressions are of whether or not caring for the enviroment has anything to do with our spirituality. I believe it does, and I'll be interested to hear other's reflections.

It will also be a great oppurtunity to put into actiona little bit all of our discussions on not needing to do church in the building in the same way etc. And quite simply, just a great way to serve our community.

If anybody is in the area, feel free to come along!


Anonymous said...

hey digs, tis mase.
looking forward to sunday, should be awesome as! though admittedly i will miss the sermon type teaching stuff maybe. but it's such an awesome and important thing and i think the group discush wil way add to it.
had a thought about a post you did a while back on the Mind Body Spirit (?) thing you talked about. YOu said that people are out there looking for God in the different stuff their doin and they're not finding their way 'into' church...maybe it's cos they dont associate their searching with God or with the "Christian" God at any rate and therefore have no reason to search for whatever they are looking for in a church.
In regards to the environment thing, i think that the majority of people within our congregation, and it's sort the general vibe of christians i know, really do feel that the environment is an important part of our connection with God and an important part of our worship for him, although maybe it's harder for the idea to materialise into action.
We have awesome people like the Woodies though, who i reckon we can learn and lot from and who we definitely respect for how big a part God's creation plays in their lives.
Ok bit of a random post, but just stuff i've been mulling over. Catchya soon bro.

Ali said...

Hey Digs,
Exciting stuff regarding church this week, novel idea!
I've been talking about having a 'missional focus', or 'serving focus' with Grant lately, and this really ties in!
Also, re Smason's comment, it's a great way to demonstrate who Jesus is. He would be totally up for this as it's another way of serving.
Plus God created the world, durh, and, as christians, we should care about it. Often our spirituality can be inspired by God's creations!
Keep the ideas coming!

Nigel said...

How did it go?

Anonymous said...

it was awesome!!! It was so a part of the picture of what church should be!!! it totally fits!
maybe digs, would be hard for people with young kids to do that sort of stuff frequently? but that's a technicality.
and ya no what else i loved? how there was no sound or tech equip set up at church. It was just US (except for one mic.) It's so much more relaxed/on an equal level and at the same time, probably much more confronting! I also get the feeling that that sort of format and/or discussion group stuff means that people are way less likely to fall through the cracks. hmm :D :D :D nice work dinosaurus, you rock. WHere would we be without you? (oh yeh, stuck in an old building every week...nothing against that building, it IS my second home! :P )
love masonic

Digger said...

Yeah it went really well thanks Nig, was a great night. thanks for the feedback Mase, i'll post some of my refelections in a min.

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