Monday, March 28, 2005

Jesus Walks

One of my favourite blogs, the Alternative Hymnal, is back in action and running again. It often has some really great critique of songs we hear on the radio, and what spiritual meanings may be being alluded to in them. A couple of days ago, he posted on one of my favourite songs at the moment-Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

I definitely don't think he would call himself a Christian, yet writes some really goos stuff on Jesus nonetheless. For me it exemplifies many people's longing to be like Jesus, and their resonance with his lifestyle of love acceptance and forgiveness, yet their feeling of being unable to follow His Way.

I'm looking everywhere for a clean version, cos I'm currently attending a church that wouldn't let me play a song with the word shit in it. Personally I wouldn't have any problem with playing it in church, but thats another issue.

I like it because its a real song about a dude singing about his struggles to follow Jesus, and his own self profession of his need for some divine help. In many ways I think that is a much more worshipful song than many Jesus Is So Hot Right Now songs we sometimes hear in church.

Worship songs that portray the full gamut of emotions toward God, including anger and despair, and cries for mercy, such as some of Davids Psalms such as (10,13,69) , might go a long way to giving voice to many more people's spiritual walk?

Check out his thoughts, and read the lyrics here


Anonymous said...

hey hey dude...

cheers for the link :)

there's actually a clean and a explicit cd version of "the college dropout"

that should have a version without swearing...

Digger said...

Really? Cos I bought the single and the album-don't ask why! and neither have a clean version. Do you mean there's a totally different CD thats got all clean tracks? Cos that'd cut out a fair bit of his songs!

mase. said...

hey digs. ace lyrix to the song.
no offense tho man, i'd cringe a bit if the explicit version was played in church (not even in church, but just in general)...makes me sound a bit 'holier than thou' but that's not why i'm sayin it.
i totally understand where ur comin from with it tho, and i totally hope that u can find a 'clean' version to play (unless you make 'beep' sounds into the mic. at appropriate times, lol). catch.

Digger said...

Yeah I did seriously consider beeping it out myself, but that prob wouldn't work.

So why wouldn't you like it mase? As somebody who's never been offended by swearing, it interests me as to why people are? Are there some that offend you more than others? If so, why?

mase said...

yeh, good qn.
i dunno, just when i hear ur typical swear words, something inside me just cringes.
i think (and i talk with sarah glover about this sometimes) what annoys me is, why use a word that could quite possibly offend someone when a word that WOULDNT run the risk of offending someone would give the same sort of meaning.
So clearly it isn't the words in themselves that i don't like, it's just the fact that it's sorta invading someones 'mind-space' with something they might not wanna put in there, just because the words carry the 'tradition' i guess, of being offensive.
Last week, one of my friends was swearing heaps, just for no reason and i was like 'Why is that? why do you have to do that?' she was saying stuff that i just didn't wanna hear. it's like when i see an image on TV that i think 'i wish i didn't see that' cos it gets planted in my mind. it's like the 'word' or really, the 'attitude' is planted in my mind when i hear it.
haha thats pretty detailed, maybe not totally correct but as i havnt really tried to articulate it that much before, i did what i could and hopefully ya sorta get where im comin from. do ya?

Simon said...

Great lyrics to the song. I would like to hear it sometime. Digger, even though you think he wouldn't call himself a Christian, it seems to me by the lyrics that he is genuinely searching for God.

Mase/Digs - interesteing discussion about the language. Language has different meanings to different people/cultures. What is swearing to one person isn't to another. From the look of the lyrics this song appears to be very much of the African American rapper style, where some of the words used would probably have lost their harshness and may not be considered swear words as such within that culture.

Nevertheless, in our Australian culture the meanings attached to certain words can still be offensive (we're not completely American yet!). An in church culture some of these words would definitely offend, so a wise decision not to play it in church.

Meanings of words aside, I guess the main reason swearing is offensive to me is covered in 1 Peter 1:13-25. Which basically challenges us as individual Christians to consider the great cost that was paid for our lives, and to try and be holy like God.

I especially like verses 14-16 "As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”"

Digger said...

Yeah I think I see where you're coming from here Masonite, as usual you explain your line of thinking quite well.

So much of the time swearing is just way unnecessary, but then at other times if it allows somebody to really express themselves and how angry they are about something, then it doesn't bother me at all.

I'm so waiting one day for a chance to use the Tony Campolo thing where he's talking about world poverty, and he goes 'I reckon its all f@%$ed, and the worst thing is most of you are more concerned about the fact that I just swore then the fact that somebody dies every ten seconds from hunger' Brilliant!

Yeah good verses there Sime, I always used to not understand what the word holy actually meant, other than being some good Christian word, but the defintion I like to use is simply 'set apart' and I reckon watching the words that come out of our mouths is a pretty simple way to do that.