Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Technology dependant?

Its been interesting the last day not having my mobile, as its currently in for repairs-again! I've fully been feeling lost without it, as its my main method of communication with everybody-I can't remember the last time I got a phone call at home.

I think its been a good lesson in getting over my own sense of self-importance, its good to discover that my life and the world does indeed go on without me having a phone.

I've been thinking about getting a funky little PDA to use as my diary, but now i'm not so sure. I hate the cultural expectation that says we always need to be doing something with our time, the concept of time for yourself almost doesn't exist in a lot of circles. I think one of the consequences of having gadgets and devices to help us, and supposedly make our life easier, is that we are now expected to do more stuff. For no other reason than because we can.

I think mobiles, and particulalrly the internet, are such a method of escapism for many of us, particularly teenagers. if we don't like our real world, we can escape to the virtual world. If we want to appear too cool for a party, we'll just jump on the phone, and act like the people we're talking to are so much cooler.

Mobile phones, whilst meant to help us to communicate, often mean we have less actual communication skills. Of course, i'm looking forward to getting mine back, but I really hope I can use it less in the future.


Anonymous said...

hey digs (is mase AGAIN! i'm taking over ur blog, hope u don't mind lol)
I've found that in the last few weeks, i'd been more mobile-dependant. I heard something interesting in that all this technonlogy makes us as humans get used to 'instant gratification', ie. if we need to communicate something, and can't, it seems like the end of the world (which it's clearly not), and i think that concept is quite true. So now that i've run out of credit, i havnt really had my fone with me for the last 2 weeks and i've realised how many msgs i send that really aren't important, and therefore how much money i waste. Altho in the leadup to camp, i've had to send msgs (so i've used mums fone, lol). One day i'm gonna go on a TV strike where i don't watch TV for a certain amount of time (roh n i, and AB n i have talked about this) just to show how, really, its not that important. ok catch soon (i should be in class right now!! hah! )

Digger said...

Yeah I haven't watched TV for the last month for Lent, its been a bit of a mission, but has also been really cool. So much time is wasted watching crap TV! I'm not gonna give it up completely (couldn't live without the Simpsons!!!) but cutting back won't do any harm.

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