Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Does God require worship?

Popped into Faith Wrestling Federation (brilliant name hey!) at CCTC and had some great discussion on who\what is God. Fascinating discussion which I won't do justice to here, but the question 'Does God Require Our Worship' was one that really triggered me into thinking.

What is worship anyway? Does it matter to God if we do or don't worship God? Does God really want us to sing nice love songs to him anyway-and is that really worship?

One of my favourite explanations of worship is simply 'Offering our lives back to God' which I reckon means saying 'God, you gave me life, and I want to give it back in service to you and your people'

A friend once said that they really struggled aligning their image of the humble servant, down to earth Jesus with the high and mighty God we seem to sing to in church. A great point, and one that really forced me to challenge my conceptions of what worship is really about anyway.

I still don't know if it really matters to God whether or not we worship Him (I mean, I really don't think it affects his ability to be God or anything) but sometimes I think it is the only appropriate response. I look at nature and to what God has done in my life and the lives of others, and He almost demands my respect.

Not in an authoritarian 'I demand you respect me' kinda way, but in the same way that a great footballer or musician demands respect. A great footballer doesn't need to be told how good he is to continue being a great footballer, but when he walks off the ground after having just dominated a game, the only approprite response is to sit back in awe of his efforts.

Without asking for it, he demands our respect because of how good he is. I think thats how I view God and worship at the moment too.


Anonymous said...

'offering our lives back to God'. that now is my new favourite explanation also. I belive it is important to worship, but I dont belive that going to church each sunday and singing churned out 'Hillsong' music (each cd sounding the same as the one before it) is nessesarily the best or only way to go about it.
It should be somthing personal and heartfelt. Something honest which realates to where you are in your own life, not to the people that surround you in church each week.
just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Maybe as humans we have a need to worship something- whether that be God or other people or sex etc.

I think God would rather us worship him.

As to the form worship takes I think sometimes we need that more physical, ritual 'get together and sing' worship if only for ourselves.

I agree in that I think respect for God should be the basis for worship and that turning up to church and 'worshipping' without that is crap but I also think that there needs to be a more 'physical' side as well.

As part of the respect I think we need to be honest with God also and if at that moment we can't honestly sing of his greatness then I'm not sure that doing that could be classed as worship.

Dotto said...

What i really like is the idea of worship involving every part of our lives.

To me a really great way of worshiping God is seeing all other people as equal human beings, and really looking out for the needs of others before your own. Even just having a drink with someone or having a good laugh with someone can be worship.

Worshipping God for me is that out of my love and deep respect for God the follow on from that is I want to make the most of the life he has created for me.

I think what i'm trying to say is that 'worshipping God' and 'serving God' are really one and the same thing.

I agree in that music definately has it's place as a small form of how we can worship God, but maybe God intended worshipping him to be so much more than that.

Digger said...

Yeah I agree with you first anonymous, that worship should be something done as a response to what God has done in each of our lives. How we do that and what form it takes is a whole other question.

And yeah I think you're spot on there second anonymous, that if we don't feel like singing happy worship songs to God, then maybe we would have more integrity by not. Then again maybe our response to God should ideally be something bigger than how we feel at any given time. I'm not sure...

Digger said...

Hey Dotto, thanks for visiting mate! Great thoughts there too, some really good ideas.

I reckon thats a great question-is worshipping God and serving God the same thing? In many ways yes, but maybe not completely...

Anybody else got any thoughts?

¿johnman¿ said...
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¿johnman¿ said...

i think worshiping God and serving God are two different things, and i think this has been a bit confused due to the NIV translation and the Romans 12:1 "this is our spiritual act of 'worship'" which i think is better translated in the NKJV (doesn't often happen i don't think) "which is your reasonable service"
Also your comments that worship is like being in awe of the great footballer is a good way to put it as worship is about being in awe of God and bowing down in reverence

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