Monday, April 25, 2005


Was driving to our church building yesterday when I saw some signs up advertising something calledUnityFest, which I remembered I'd previously seen advertised in the local paper. It was a music and cultural festival promoting harmony by bringing people of different social and ethnic backgrounds together to enjoy the music and cultural performances.

There was this cool as reggae band playing with all these stoned old hippies dancing and swaying about-very cool. And they were selling Dutch Poffertjes-the nicest little pancake things ever!

I couldn't be bothered typing out all their core values and stuff, but check out their site, and tell me thats not totally Kingdom of God stuff happening right there, slipping underneath the radar of the church.

It made me think on so many levels-why were we as a church, not invited to be a part of this? (I wonder whether or not these kinda people would even think we would be interested in this kind of event-because I know a lot of Christians who probably wouldn't) What would it mean for the Church to release and encourage a member to sit on one of their committees instead of the myriad of church ones? (Its that whole 'Shared projects' thing out of Shaping of Things to Come-which is a whole other post of its own)

How would Jesus incarnationally reach these African bongo-playing dreadlocked hippies? I daresay it probably wouldn't be by putting on a 'African bongo-playing dreadlocked hippy friendly' seeker service...

Was discussing with some other members of our ministry team the concept of God already being at work in the community, already doing stuff, already working for peace and justice, already present extending His Kingdom, and we Christians need to be aware of that, find where God is working-and join God in that.


Saemon said...

You are so right Digs - as Christians we wouldn't be putting on a seeker sensitive service for a bunch of dredlocked hippes - well, not until they had got themselves a haircut and a real job!! What does that say about us?

I think Jesus would have hung out with a bunch of dredlocked hippes - some would even suggest he was one - you know the hole Kaftan and Sandals thing!!

We are fortunate here to have at least one of our congregation on the commitee for UnityFest - and I know of at least three, who regularly attend. The last one which was at Sandown Raceway was a blast, so I was told.

I also agree with you on the "God is at work in our community" statement - that is just so true. I see God at work in the Muslim Communities, and in the Jewish Communities (just to name a couple that are close) not just in the Christian ones.

Do you think that God only works through the Christian ones?? Its a question we were throwing around today in SFE. For me, if we were to answer "Yes" to that question, it would be suggesting a very narrow expression of God...

What does everyone think?

AJ said...

yeh man, poffetjes are the bomb