Monday, May 16, 2005

Anger and Love

Was listening to an interview on TodayToday on JJJ with Henry Rollins before he embarked on his spoken word tour (yes thats the same Henry Rollins-former angry angry lead singer of the Henry Rollins Band!) and it was absolutely fascinating. He's an intriguing and very eloquently spoken man.

He's apparently pretty big into social justice kinda issues, and does a lot of fundraising for a few charitable causes. Nothing new there. But the thing that stood out to me was the way he articulated the source for his passion.

He said 'I'm not some tree-hugging all loving hippy, I just get really pissed off about stuff and want to do something about it'. There's just so much of that I relate to. My passion for the overseas poor is primarily driven by my anger at the injustice that leads to them being in that situation. My passion for working with young people on matters of sexuality is driven mostly by my anger at the over-sexualised culture we live in, and how I've seen that mess so many people up.

For me, my love for people drives my anger at so many things, and my anger drives me to try and be more loving. I think thats part of the reason I love the story of Jesus kicking the tables in the temple over so much.


Gareth Williams said...

I used to get into Henry when I was about your age Digger (a long time ago, back before electricity) but found that his anger was a destructive thing.
Maybe he's learned to channel it more into these things and I guess that's the point.
Anger that is channeled into positive action is righteous and prophetic.

Digger said...

Yeah its funny, cos I've totally never been into his music, but this interview really captured to me what righteous anger is all about. It pisses me off when Christians say we shouldn't get angry.

Get angry, but get angry for a good reason!