Friday, May 27, 2005

Effective Ministry?

I was reflecting a little today on what it is that creates an effective schools ministry, and I really just can't go past living in the context of Christian community. I've made friends with heaps of kids at my school, been on camps,excursions and to many birthday parties, I've been a good (I hope!!) role model, but has it been really effective?

The times where I've seen kids lives turned around, seen young people from all walks of life sort themselves out, seen people tune their lives into Jesus, it has been as a result of some form of involvement in Christian community-whether that be a church, youth group, small group or whatever.

I've always reacted pretty strongly against any program driven ministry, as I totally believe that relationships are the shiznit in ministry. Relationships are what ministry is. But where do we go from there? Is it just our results-driven culture that tells us we need to plug people into programs, and is it just our bad experiences of the excessive time and energy needed to run programs that tell us not to? I'm not sure.

I think far too often we can focus on programs as the sum total of our ministry, which if they ever do become so, is not what ministry is about. But if our programs, groups and courses exist to develop and foster Christian community-then that's what its all about.

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Mim said...

Yeah, somethimes I think it may be because the kids who are searching are more likely to get involved and be part of a christian community. Or it could be that programs froce people to think about stuff and get involved more for themselves, rather than having a role model which they respect and all but can still distance themselves from (by thinking thats him this is me).