Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gay Simpsons

Once again, the Simpsons proved to be the great source of theological reflection that it always has been, with last nights brilliant episode featuring Marge's sister Patty coming out as a lesbian. The show had been talked about for ages, with much speculation as to which male character it would be-but we didn't expect her. Plus it was an absolutely hilarious episode!

There were some great scenes with Rev Lovejoy ringing the church bells loudly as Marge tried to engage him in meaningful conversation about which parts of the bible forbid homosexuality, and this gem from Marge 'Just because you're a lesbian, doesn't make you any less-of-a-being' and heaps of great discussion starting stuff. I'll definitely use it if I ever decide to tackle the issue in asmall group or church setting.


Ravvy said...


well im sure glad someone got to watch the Simpsons last night, and im sure glad it was funny! because i missed it to be runnin wild on the netball court for an hour... :) So now i must find someone who taped it!

*scoots off*

Hey btw, cool blog! I came upon it from Saemons blog where if you look in his 'readables' list im there somewhere... if you ever need someone to laugh at drop by and say hello sometime!!

Owl said...


An earlier post was 'Wasn't going there'
but you obviously have a theological
dilemma in this area. I can't see how one
can be uneasy about pew-sitters whilst
being ambivalent about other biblically
proscribed behaviour. Certainly, ALL are
loved by God, but most choose to separate
themselves by unrepentant sin. We need to
witness (in deed and word), praying for
the salvation of those apart from God. We
all need the fullness of Christ, not just
the humanly tolerable bits. Be Roman to
the Romans, earn the right to witness,
love to life the lost, do church
differently, but in spirit and in truth.


Digger said...

Hey ravvy, thanks for swinging by! If nothing else I hope my blog helps connect fellow simpsons fans worldwide!

Digger said...

Hey Owl (who are you by the way? I can't work it out?) thanks for commenting and for the positive feedback on the other post.

All I'm saying is that I think its a very complex issue, with a lot of grey areas, and is therefore one I'm not really prepared as yet to answer in a black and white way.

Plus that episode of the Simpsons was just too funny, no matter where you stand on the issue

Owl said...

Hmm 1.03 AM - no wonder we didn't see you at
the Men's Brekky. Grant was good. I probably
should have sent the previous to you
privately, as I wanted to make a
traditionalist type point. I'm impressed by
your commitment and desire to connect the
world with Jesus. Yes, the Simpsons are
entertaining (my kids see me as a moral
Homer). - DM

Digger said...

Na I think you make some good points there owl-I'm always open to feedback and questioning of my thoughts-I guess thats why I blog!

Sarah L said...

omgosh digs...
at least u got 2 watch the simpsons!!!!
shouldve been Selma or Ralph..aawww Ralph, wat a classic NOT LONG TILL SYG! woopee!