Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Marcus Curnow: Shout to the Lord (Angry)

Marcus Curnow: Shout to the Lord (Angry)
I loved this post from Marcus, a dude I've got a lot of respect for with some great perspectives on stuff. I think this more fully expresses a broader range of the Christian expression towards God, rather than just the happy one. I have no problem with happy songs telling God how much we reckon He rocks, but it just frustrtes me when we seem to imply that that is the only way to feel about God. This is a good follow on from some of my recent thoughts on worship.


Jarrod said...

Hey Digs. I read marcus' post and it made me think a little. So do you think that we should not sing songs of worship when we feel bitter and angry towards God? Because it is in itself a compromise of our integrity to be singing of things we dont in the immediate time think and feel. Should we therefore be singing our hurts and pains to God in order to accurately reflect our feelings towards God at the present? Or should we sit down and wait till the song is over?

Digger said...

Yeah thats an interesting question mate, one I've often pondered.

Many a time I've just sat down or not sung a song, as it did not accurately reflect how I felt towarss God at the time. As you mentioned, I felt no integrity in singing those songs, so thought it better to avoid it.

But on the other hand, I remember somebody once saying something about our worship of God needs to be based upon something a little more solid than simply our feelings at any given time. Interesting thought.

Somebody else said that not singing 'because I didn't feel like it' was tantamount to not giving our offering, because we didn't feel like it.

I guess it comes back down to whether or not you believe worship is something that God requires (I do, but often I wonder whether that means to sing a few songs, or something bigger, something a bit more like Rom 12:1-2)

And yeah I do think singing our hurts and pains to God can be a better idea, just look at some of the Psalms.

Digger said...

But then again, something else that has been runningthrough my head is the idea of putting yourself in positions to be transformed by God-and musical worship can be one such experience.

I know many times I have left a worship service drawn closer to, and more on fire to serve my God. Now that would not have happened had I simply sat outside and remained all cynical about it.

Great question though mate

Marx Kernow said...

Yes diggs... thats why i put the whole blurb about dissonance being a creative thing both theologically and in how we "feel" in my intro. to the song. I think its important... .Shout to the Lord is the biggest worship song of all time because it picks up great psalms and takes you to another place...this has power ESPECIALLY when you're feeling crap....there is no denying it.

That said Ive also sat down or stuffed around with the lyrics to this song as many times as I have been uplifted by it......HONESTY is vital for a true spirituality. and we are generally very good at fooling ourselves! especially in public!

Digger said...

Yeah I liked the intro Marcus, gave it some great perspective and things to chew over. Asi said, a healthy level of cynicism can always be healthy.

Ravvy said...
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Ravvy said...

At my church, we have decided that yes, music and worship make church so much more fullfillin i guess is a word you could use. Being on the Sound and Visual desk most weeks, it becomes a bit routine. So we decided to do something different, and take away our music teams and singers for a week and let the church become the music team and singers for once... and it really pulled our church family together! One particular song i didnt know how to sing at first, so i got to listen to the chorus of voices around me and i was so happy to be there right then to listen and then to join in, and i actually hope we can give our music teams a break more often because i found it gives a different feel, and our visitors enjoyed it far more too i think!

So thats a little comment from me, i havent read marcus's comment yet but on what you said Digs, thats what i was inspired to write and tell you!

And on the topic of sitting during songs and not singing if your not 'feelin the music'(?) or not wanting to sing that song, i think is okay, and you know sometimes if im not singing a song, just listening makes me feel like my heart is singing instead... if that makes sense.
But i also find singing a way for ME to be opening up and letting go of hurts and pains that i might have at the time, and when its a song i really love i feel like God is running through my veins because i sit down after the song and feel revived and not weighed down anymore! I hope that makes sense for you!

Anonymous said...

it's like trying to think bad thoughts when you're smiling...

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