Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Mighty Pies!

I don't often comment on the footy-but how good were those Pies! Shattered I couldn't see it all, as I was at a way more important game Tyabb v Sorrento. Matt I think the Pies are shaping up well for our Queens Birthday clash...


Matt said...

Dees will smash pies.
Have a shave u dirty man!
Go Dees

Digger said...

If the mighty's beat your mob Matty, then you have to not shave for the rest of the year too OK mate.

Matt Glover said...

I didn't think you could be a Collingwood fan and still be a Christian...

And where's that post about Kylie that you were talking about the other night?

I dare you!

Simon said...

Best game we've played in a year and a half. My sister and I were one of the brave 31,000 at the G and we were over the moon. Rated as good as the prelim final in 2003 when we beat Brisbane (just). And also as good as the game in 2002 when we beat the invincibles (Brisbane again as they were that year) at a very close encounter at Docklands.

I often think there are some biblical parallels with footy. Take Romans 5:3-4. Watching your team lose terribley all year takes some perseverance and really does build up your character as a supporter. And it makes the victories so much sweeter, especially when you are the complete underdog.

Digger said...

Haha, yeah I'd never thought of that one Simon.
There's so many good questions and parallels:
Why do the wicked prosper? (Why do Brisbane get so mnay salary cap concessions?)
Why doesn't God answer our prayers? (For Nathan Buckley's hammy!)
Enduring the long cold winters of faith and football, sticking with it when it gets tough etc.

Digger said...

No Matt G I will not repeat your joke about your surprise at Kylie Minogue getting breast cancer due to, as Shakira would say 'her breasts are small and humble' it was just in bad taste!

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