Monday, May 30, 2005

Schapelle Corby-Some perspective?

Hamo has written a thought provoking little piece about our priorities as a country, and how they are shaped so intensely by the media. So much of our attention is grabbed by this one girl who may or may not be guilty, yet the stone cold reality of genocide in Darfur goes largely unnoticed. There's no emotive headlines about the children that dies every three seconds from hunger and preventable disease.

I think its a freaking disgrace that she gets 20 years for something that can't be proven (although some of the evidence does raise some eyebrows) yet the Bali bombing dude-Amrozi I think it was, gets two. But thats their judicial system and far be it from me to think I know how to run a legal system. But sometimes we do need to get a bit of perspective thats all.