Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sick as a dog

Sorry for no real posts lately guys, been flat out busy and just now recovering from being pretty sick, which hasn't been fun at all. Had to drag myself out of bed to preach at my school this morning, going to their Deb tonight, got VETAMORPHUS and a crap load of meetings tomo, then preaching again at our morning congregation Sunday. So will post something of significance sometime soon!


Jo said...

Hope you feel better by sunday Digs, I'm singing and need a good sermon to get me through the service!

stephie said...

hey digs!
our whole peer group was sick this week too! shaz told us you were sick too! must have been sumtin going round at retreat...i really hope your all better really soon, n i shall see u at youth conference on saturday???? hope so..
luv steph from bayswater!

DanBert-E said...

Hey Digger,
hope your feeling better soon, have to chat soon before the forge summit. Check out my blogg and post a comment.

Anonymous said...

digger - get better soon :)

Cin said...

In the face of great adversity Diggs you preached a great message Sunday. Lots of food for thought which people really got into chatting about. Also your "Digger version" of Acts 17 was quality. Be worth using with eve cong, and beyond.

Digger said...

Hey guys, thanks for all the nice comments. Hey Cin good to see ya commenting :)
Yeah I had fun writing the Acts 17 thing, might post it up here

Billy said...

Hey Digs. What are your thoughts on the following verse?... 2 Corinthians 6:14-18?

Digger said...

G'day Billy-boy!

Well thats an interesting question, why you would ask such a thing I can not imagine...

I think its good advice from Paul, the trueness of which I have seen many a time, yet is not something I believe to be a hard and fast rule. Pretty short summary, but much easier to discuss in person etc.

Owl said...

Concur with Cindy - good.

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