Sunday, May 22, 2005

A special carpark

I am here and now pledging that if I am ever in ministry at a church with a sign that marks a special parking spot for me, then I will tear that little sign down. I saw one yesterday and cannot begin to explain how many issues I have with that.

Well, actually to start with I just have massive issues with any things that want to prescribe power, status, importance and positional authority on anybody, particularly ministers. There's just no need for it.


t.a.h said...

but i stand here now and say that if you ever have 3 kids and live in a manse or house that is a long way from the church you will want that sign so that when you arrive to do a sermon you and your family can find a flipping park and not have to park 3kms from the church and walk...

Digger said...

Yeah thats a good point, but somebodies gotta park 3kms away and walk, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be me. Sure it would be nice, but not necessary.

It just sends too many signals about the importance I would place on myself.

What if somebody rocked up with their three kids to church for the first time, walked 3kms to church only to see me waltz into my carpark then getting up and delivering a sermon on humility and servanthood...

Gareth Williams said...

You could just not preach on humility or servanthood!

Unordered said...

Chances are, if you're only preaching at one church that morning, that you would have got to church at 7.30am, at which point the church car park would be empty and you'd probably take the park nearest to the door. Your three kids would arrive 10 minutes late after your wife struggled to get them out the door on time and had to 'encourage them' to keep walking the 3kms to church from the carpark she found down the road.

sare mason said...

haha, digger's wife! :P yes, mason is back to commenting on digs' blog!
nah you raise a great point digs. A leader with attitudes like yours would be an encouragement to all around. cos after all, ministers are servants, as are all christians really. Sure, the carpark sign is just a little example, but i think its one that would be appreciated by those around you.

Mr. Selfdestruct said...

Self importance is a common disease, you do well to evade it padawan. Obi-wan has taught you well...

A nerd based proverb:

"Don't reserve a copy of Star Wars Episode 3 on DVD, chances are the special edition will be out within a month..."

which means (just in case you didn't get it, though i figure you did): There can be benefits to come from not being the top dog with the latest/best of things. in the case of carparkage, i refer to exerscise as a pro to not having the nearest spot etc etc...

oh and digs, it's good you are looking at some of the small details.someone has to. Most in leadership positions can't get past the 'Bigger Picture' mindset. ;)

Jo said...

So digger, will you start parking in the back car-park now, so our visitors dont have to walk from down the road??

alan said...

Look forward to the same outrage over tax fiddling by ministers,tax dodging by churches,and ministers driving SUVs.

Digger said...

Frankly, I'm quite insulted that you find the concept of me with a wife funny mase! How rude! You're the second person this week who's said they can't imagine me getting married-its the beard isn't it! Hehe, good to see ya back here Mase

Digger said...

Na Jo I still say first in best dressed, which will invariably mean it will be me walking from down the road!

Digger said...

Well its funny you mention that Alan-whoever-you-are. I've been meaning to post something for a while about my struggles with having a nice car, and the issues I have with this new ministers deal where they all get XR8's.

Kirsty said...

What if the sign that marks a special parking spot for you is painted on the ground?

Anonymous said...

Anglicans debated for more than a year a new policy on ministers cars - environmental and biblical issues so I understand were debated;sent material into headquaters but heard nothing more.Why dont you ask the boys at headquaters what were the biblical and creation(environmental/safety)reasons for including SUVs.
My guess is that Jesus didnt drive one.

Digger said...

Thanks mr selfdestruct, even though I have no idea who you are, I do appreciate the Star Wars style wisdom!

Digger said...

Um kirsty it doesn't really matter where the sign is-its what it signifies that matters!

I've got no idea about the Anglicans and their cars sorry Alan!

Kirsty said...

Yeah I know, i just wondered how you would rip down a sign that was painted on the ground. But I recon your right I don't think ministers should get special parking, hey there payed to be there maybe they should leave the spaces for people who want to be there. How much would it suck if someone like a little old lady had to walk for ages in the rain when someone as fit and athletic as you could run and be there it 10 seconds... they should make elderly people parking spots... or do they already hsve them??

Digger said...

Yeah I dunno, I reckon you'd just paint over it or something maybe? Yeah they have disabled spots, but there's only a couple of them, and not all old people have the stickers to say they can park there. But you do make a good point about its better that I have to walk far rather than some old person!

Ravvy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ravvy said...

Im glad so many comments have been added to this post! Rather funny to read...!

With my church, we dont have places where people can park because frankly, your lucky to get a park at all! The surrounding roads are tight and fiddly, but us youngies still make sure we squeeze our car bums into them so that the frailer of our family, meanin all my grannies and grampies, can park out front and unfortunately it takes us the same amount to time to walk from (3k's) down the road as it does for the oldies to walk the 10 metres to the door...

...and having your own car park, i understand why you dont want it because its like sayin
'HELLO THERE! Dont you even think about parkin your 1843 bitsamissin in that spot because if you cant read it does state that thats my spot so go park somewhere else!'
...or even that you get priority parkage... and i agree no one needs to have their own special parkage...


and when you say you have a beard Digs, its not one of them 'ends near your belly button' ones is it? cos that you know would have a MAJOR impact on your possible potential wives-to-be im sure of it

*grins* :)

Sarah L said...

hey digs...
look ulkl get married one day n me n mase will congratulate u all the same but of course no its not the beard....ahaha
i dunno its just u kinda leaving the digger n becoming paul randle husband of ________ haha just kidding
love ya buddy
sarah L

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