Friday, June 03, 2005

Certainty and Uncertainty

Am currently in the middle of Brian McLarens follow up to my favourite Christian book ever-A New Kind of Christian, called the Story We Find Ourselves In. Really loving it at the moment, deals really well with a whole different bunch of questions to the first.

Its basically looking at the story of the God's interaction with the world, particularly through the Bible, the great story-'The Story We Find Ourselves In' as his characters call it. The thing I love is that its written as a novel, and so is totally readable, but still teaches you heaps of stuff.

One of the most interesting little exchanges has been between Neo (the main character) and Marciel, a new character, somebody who seems to classify herself as quite a fundamentalist. It talks a lot of the troubles she has in dealing with Neo, who doesn't see many parts of the bible as having to be interpreted literally, and believes the theories of creation and evolution can and do sit alongside each other nicely. This is too much for her to handle, and begins to question Neo's faith, something thats happened to him a lot.

There's some great stuff about the types of people for whom questioning and uncertainty are comforting and helpful, but for others it can be disconcerting and unhelpful. Its something I've been coming across so much lately. Both ways of faith have their place, and can learn a lot from each other.

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