Monday, June 06, 2005

Communities In Control

Just spent the day at the Communities In Control conference, which was brilliant. It was put on by the people that run

Its basically just a conference aimed at encouraging and resourcing community groups and those that work in community development, plus heaps of people from various NGOs and welfare groups. There was about 1600 people there-it was just massive.

Luckily for me, due to my involvement with Communities That Care-a local volunteer group looking at addressing some of the key issues affecting young people, I was able to go.

I met some brilliant people, including the Ampersand people, who started out as abunch of Uni students who wanted to get their mates into volunteering for stuff, and have put together this website as a bit of a resource. Really committed quality guys, passionate about making a difference in the world.

It was really interesting for me to hear them articulate their passion for helping others, for seeing others grow and change by putting others first etc. Motivations that are not at all that dissimilar, in fact probably the same as those of most Christians;only understood and interpreted differently.

So much of the stuff these guys and many of the people there today are doing is totally Kingdom building stuff-whether they realise it or not.

I wonder if the Christian Union/Campus Crusade type people would be better served by joining in on what god is already doing here, rather than trying to run more Christian events to try and attract people to?

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