Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Don't bother

One of the quotes that has stuck with me from Sunday night's message was this "If you're not going to go back to school on Tuesday and talk to the lonely, left out kids at school, then don't even bother calling yourself a follower of Jesus-because that's what Jesus would do!"

Some found that a little confronting, but the Kingdom of God is often confronting and not easy-thats just part of the deal.


Contemplative Activist said...

I am not convinced by this.

I'll tell you why because I'd be interested to hear what you think.

If you want to talk to the lonely, left out kids at school because they're lonely, left out kids and you feel sorry for them - oops, sorry, you feel compassion for them ;) - then I think that's mighty patronising and you'd be better off taking your goodwill somewhere else.

What people really need to do is to learn to respect others and develop friendships based on mutual respect and equality. The danger of this approach is it creates and us and them approach. The good Christian and the poor lonely kid the good Christian is helping.

Do you think that's something people need to be careful about?

Anonymous said...

I agree Digger - for me, that was the quote of the weekend.

And I guess there is a fine line in the way it's done - but there's no doubt those kids are the ones Jesus would be hanging out with. The challenge is not only doing it, but leaving them feeling better / loved as a result


Digger said...

Yeah I can totally see where ur coming from there CA, some good questions.

But I guess for me the difference is your attitude in loving and going to chat to the lonely kids at school, or feeding the poor or whatever.

I've got no problem if people do have a genuine sense of compassion for people and desire to help (as I posted about earlier, that is, I believe, the essence of God shining through them) but when people do it just to make themselves feel better, or because a speaker said they should, then thats when their integrity needs a good look-into.

Basically-go and talk to the lonely and marginalised if you love them, but don't if you're just doing is cos you should.

You make a great point about the us v them mentality, something we all need to be aware of. I think its only when we truly see everybody as equals, as God's children and our brothers and sisters, that anything can be achieved.

Thanks for your thoughts though, and nice blog too.

Digger said...

Whoa, what an honour to have the director of SYG himself comment on my humble blog! Cheers Andy

Gareth Williams said...

At High School I was one of the lonely, left out kids and would have liked anyone to be my friend.
Digger, I've tagged you, check out my blog for what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

My interpretation of what the speaker said was more 'allow yourself to be open to God and to be changed and through that you hang out with the not so popular kids. just taking on the lable of 'christian' esp at events like SYG where it's the done thing, but not allowing your life and attitudes to change as part of being a christian is what I thought he was getting at. against Taking on societies (Parents) values, attitudes and life instead of Gods.
The speader prob thought none of this but it's interesting to see all the diff interpretation people have of the same thing- always happens!

Digger said...

Thats really well put actually Mim-good thoughts.

I like the idea that by allowing ourselves to be transformed by God-hanging out with the unwanted's of our society will just spring naturally out of who we are,it won't be something forced or fake.

Mim said...

yeah, sometimes words and thoughts work together for me- deffinately not all the time though!
Thats where I sit at the moment- which is way I'm not so sure it's really what the speaker was getting at or just my interpretation cos' it's how I think/feel bout stuff.
the next Q is how and staying commited to allowing God to change us- doing a book in wed night study nest term about spiritual disciplins- like meditation and fasting etc. - I think, ways of giving yourself to God- could be wronge, should read the book first and then comment on. but looking forward to reading what they have to say.