Saturday, June 18, 2005

Masks in Evangelism

Further to my thoughts a while ago, this guy has some great thoughts on why we feel the need to put on masks to evangelise, that it has to be a special thing we do, not just a lifestyle. Check it out here.

Here's a sample:he basically said, "that's cool. At least I can let my church know I witnessed to someone for an hour."There's no other way to put this: I felt used like a spiritual whore.Let me be blunt: when we go into a mode or wear a mask, we are at the same level as a slimy used-car salesman. We might as well wear a cheap suit, aviator sunglasses, and a goofy grin and try and sell a pinto. We're not doing Christ any favors.So... this leaves us with some very interesting questions. Is there any model of evangelism that is right? Is there any way to stop throwing out spiritual sales pitches? Should we as Christians still try and be evangelistic?Of course we should. But, if we are trying out a model, than we are more than likely just throwing out a pitch, and people are going to think that there is a catch.


Trav said...

For some reason we're more interested in using envangelism as a measuring stick for spritual maturity. In reality both mature and immature Christians can and do evangelise. There some good thoughts Digger i've been doing a lot of thinking about stuff lately as well.

Owl said...

We need to use many methods to 'go into all the world' - I've played Yahoo Pool, using a
John 14:6 ish profile name (a mask?).
A few times a week, I get to share faith
with someone who asks what the name means.
If lots did it, it would become a formula.
Sometimes masks and formulas are useful.

Digger said...

So why did you choose John 14:6 owl? One of your favourites? If I was to do that I'd prob choose John 10:10

Owl said...

Yeah - a fave - pointed & concise. Thought
around Jn 10:10 - good - how to abbreviate?
Please join in - you can probably relate to
the most common age group well.