Thursday, June 23, 2005

R2 E2

I was reflecting a little more on the whole RE thing, and this being my second post on the topic-hence the stupid post title!

I guess my main motivation for doing it is all the horror stories I've heard of old ladies boring the pants off kids (although some kids, usually about year 1, seem to be terribly fascinated with taking off their pants anyway-so that not too hard!) using crap old hymns, snoring in the middle of the class, smell like musk-it seems every bad stereotype about old people and Christians have been rolled into one with many people's impressions of RE teachers!

If I did it I might be boring, but at least I wouldn't smell of old person...although there's a fair chance I'd fart massively in front of them-which they would find nearly as funny as I would!

I know there's some brilliant one's out there, and big ups to them I say-keep up the good work tigers!


mase said...

hey dino,
something really interesting my mum told me is a statistic she heard that a really high percentage of Christians make their first commitment to God under the age of 12. I so totally reckon that as older ppl we look past the huge perception and intelligence that kids have...have had some huge convos with josh that leave me going 'wow', and thinkin back to some of the stuff i thought about when i was younger, it was pretty major stuff at times. Chloe is teaching grade 3s n 4s RE here at Bayside, and they love her. I think it's cool cos they see her round as a student too, but i know that kids have confided in her and stuff. So yeh, just some random food for thought.
nice work mate,
cya soon

Matt Glover said...

Hey Digs, you DO smell a bit funny, plus you have a beard - you sure you're not an old lady?

Good luck with the RE if you decide to do it. For what it's worth, I hated it...

Digger said...

Yeah I think it's something like 80% mase, which astounded me at first-but I reckon a lot of that's got to do with Christian families etc.

And as for you Matt-you rarely comment here-and when you do it's nothing but insults! I'm starting a Ban Matts Cartoons campaign. From now on I'm telling everybody I know not to go and check out your little comics!

Jo said...

Hey digger,

when I was in primary school (local/state nothing special) we hads nuns (full on nun outfits) teaching us RE and apart from the fact that yes they smelt bad we thought they were cool! But then the world has changed since my care-free days at primary school, I know now if I had to sit through an RE class i would have left as there wasnt much room for own thought!

Question: Do you see RE different to Bible Study classes (like what we had)...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is an opportunity to provide a bunch of youngins with their first positive experience of God.

Digger said...

Yeah see I reckon that's the thing I struggle with Jo. I am so much more used to questioning stuff and thinking for myself that I would hate to be taught how RE is done. But I think thats reality with young kids, its much more teaching them stuff than anything else.

Digger said...

I can't remember much about our Bible studies classes, other than the fact that they turned me away from whatever remnant of faith I had at the time.

Again another reason I wanna do it better.

Trav said...

Hey Digger i got into R.E coz of bad experiences myself with it. It does need to be made fun definately definately. Also i try and get kids considering the ideas and actions of Jesus for themselves. Sometimes the kids seem to consider the ideas more when i give them the freedom to decide for themselves as opposed to forcing them to believe it...

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