Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Small church is not just a means to big church

I have been thinking a lot recently about the new congregation I'm starting up at some stage this year. One of the things I really like about the LivingRoom-a church a mate of mine started about two years ago, is that one of their values is actually being small. This doesn't of course mean they don't want to grow, they're doing that my multiplication rather than addition-which is a whole other post in itself. His thoughts on this are here and here

Some of the reasons I think I would prefer being part of a small church is because I really enjoy the face to face interaction, the higher levels of intimacy and accountability, the flexibilty of a smaller group, not having to worship looking at the back of each other's heads etc. And thats the kinda stuff you might lose if you grow in size and still meet as one group.

I really affirm the place of bigger churches and congregations, ones that may not have the stuff I just mentioned-there's heaps of advantages to that style of service too, but they needn't be our main aim.


Adam Duckworth said...

Hey... I've been thinking about starting a little home-church thing a ma jig (yeah, "thing a ma jig" is a phrase that I use... probably no one else). Can I "borrow" the name "The Living Room"?

Christop said...

I don't think Darren would mind. There's a few other Ling Rooms as well.

Digger said...

Yeah I'm sure that'd be fine with him, but yo can go to his site ans ask if ya want-but I don't think he's taken out a copyright!

Hey Chris tell me more about these Ling Rooms? Is that a church started by Cameron Ling-specialising in ministry to those with red hair? ;)