Wednesday, June 15, 2005

State Youth Games

Well it's all been run and won for another year. Congratulations to Monash for taking it out and Ringwood for taking out the Good Sports Trophy. Big ups to the Mighty Yabbies for coming in at 12th in the Small Churches category, even though we weren't a church as such.

It was so cool seeing people's reactions when you told them you were a footy club-I think we were the first non-church team to enter in a while-if ever! Not surprisingly, we took out the AFL Rec Footy, as well as a bit of 3 on 3 Bball. We competed admirably in Volleyball A, but choked on our own over-confidence in B Grade.

Frankston were awesome in helping me out and letting us pretty much just rock up, with them having done all the hard yards with food etc. It was pretty shattering having like half my team pull out on the Wednesday before went, but we soldiered on. It wasn't ideal either having a lot of people just come down for the day for the sport they were playing, but thats the way it goes sometimes hey. Everybody who came loved it, so hopefully they'll be back next year-to defend our footy title if nothing else!

The speaker was brilliant-best one we've had for years I thought. For those who were there-I did think he kinda didn't honour and value people's everyday life as part of their mission, but had some great stuff to challenge lazy Christians.

I think going as a footy club was a good idea, but was just a little hard with me being the only one pushing it-definitely need to get some others to help out for next year. Bring on 2006!

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