Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To RE or not to RE-that is the question?

I've been thinking for a while now about whether or not I should teach Primary CRE (Christian Religious Education).

From my experience with my after school coaching job I have discovered I am definitely not gifted in the area of working with children, but I can do it. I have the time during the day, but don't know if I could commit to the preparation time required to make a lesson fun and interesting for kids. I have enough trouble thinking of discussuion starters and questions for teenagers-let alone kids.

The other is my teaching style, which has a lot to do with my personality and where I'm at theologically at the moment-in terms of really trying to own everything I believe. I'm more into helping people question, analyse and discover for themselves, rather than just flat out teaching them stuff. And particularly as I'm deconstructing and reconstructing some pretty core elements of my understanding of God and faith etc. I just wouldn't have any integrity teaching kids stuff I wasn't sure about myself.

That's the problem with theological training, sometimes it can be hard to bring it back down to basics. But I guess you can't go too wrong just telling the kids God loves them-I know I believe that :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'd be fine once you got into it. But just cos' you've got the time doesn't mean you should do it but then just cos' you doubt your abilities doesn't mean you shouldn't!
Of course it totally depends on what age group you take, but kids often find it difficult to think about stuff in abstract ways- I supouse people need a basic life knowledge before they can question that 'knowledge'. The stuff we do with the kids at church are more the bible stories stuff and Jesus loves you and help your parents etc. I think with kids you need to relate it to what they 'know', to their life at that time. Mim

Anonymous said...

Well, Hot Diggity, I taught RE with Grade 2's for the first time last week - it was cool as. They get so into it I was spun out - having previously focussed on teens for umpteen years.
Anyway, perhaps a way to give it a go is to 'fill in' for a couple of weeks just to dip your feet in.
You are a great story teller and that is super important. Anyway, chat more in person.

Jarrod said...

Yo digsy,
Whilst i agree that you would probably be excellent at this type of appointment- especially with that stunning facial hair (they might actually think ur Jesus)- ive always thought your true gifting was with teens. You have such an amazing ability to make instant connections with people and, for some reason, people listen and respect you... You are a breaker of steriotypes and this only adds to your approachability. All of which may possibly be unrecognised by grade twoers. Perhaps you could dedicate your time to some volunteer work at a local high school? (or you could finally get a real job! Lazy hobo!)

Digger said...

Now thats not a bad idea is it Jarrod-thanks for that!

Digger said...

I think one of my other main motivations is just having heard so many horror stories of nanna's that fall asleep, bore kids to death etc.

Will post more on this later

barro said...

hey digger, good to see you again, briefly at the weekend. Go for it,RE that is, I reckon getting involved with primary schools, and RE is just a tool to do it, is an amazing way to connect and have influence within your local community, esp as a young male in a place where there are very few males... live out another dangerous story

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