Monday, June 06, 2005

Why do people do good stuff?

Something I've been brewing on for a while is the eloquently written title to this blog post. It was brought up again today when I saw so so many people doing so much awesome stuff in their communities, and seemingly not motivated by an articulated faith.

I am motivated in my job as a youth worker to love people as Jesus would, to invite them into the richness of following Him and see it as an essential outworking of that faith that I help those less fortunate than myself.

But what motivates those who would not claim to have such a faith? No doubt there a re a number of reasons, but this is i believe the underlying one.

That all people, no matter their faitha llegiance, are created in the Image of a Loving, Caring, Righteously Angry, Passionate God, and when people seek to stand up for those who in that moment may seem to be less fortunate, that is a practical outworking of that God which is within all of us.


Duncan said...

Martin Robinson, in his book, "Faith of the Unbeliever" reminds us that people may have faith even though they don't believe in a God. People have values and express them without having to tie them to a sense of God.

But from our perspective, yes we can see the signs of God's presence in their lives.

Tab said...

Intersting post. I'm currently doing an assignment - basically the image of God in humans - which is exploring this theme. Can I use your post in it pls?

Digger said...

Teah no worries Tab, thats cool. Pass it on when you're finished, i wouldn't mind checking it out. Cheers