Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baby steps

After much thought, prayer and procrastination, me and a few of the boys finally got together last night to, in my words 'work out what the hell we're gonna do with this church thing', to start planning some small steps towards getting our new church/congregation happening.

It was a really encouraging time, just hanging out, having some good quality food and discussing our own thought's and ideas. So we'll be getting together regularly over the next little while and just see where it goes. We then went out to the pub and saw a couple of our mate's band Colourshy play, and hang out with a few of the crew there. A good night all round.


Anonymous said...

cheers for the plug diggity ;)

keep up the good work bro - peace -


Anonymous said...

hopefully u get it up and running soon. im really looking forward 2 seeing wat u come up with. :-)