Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Basketball Nationals

Loving the first day of the Basketball Tournament I scored a gig at chaplain as. As per usual all the kids are getting stuck into me about being a bum who justs walks around and chats to people, but thats pretty much my job description so I can't complain.

It is funny though how some people just don't get what I do, either in terms of my job at the school, the ways I think about church, Jesus and spirituality. But you get that sometimes. I reckon I can only expect more of that as church stuff starts to kick along. Good times though hey!


Sarah L said...

hey digs.
thanx 4 reading my lj! no probs 4 the compliment..happy 2 do so
well... apparantly grant is interviewing 4 a new youth minister!? and ali is doing chaplain work at msc? does that mean she lives in vic now? im so confused. email me back or sumthin
love stax

Mojo said...

cool site

Digger said...

Hey Sarah, yeah no worries-I thought we had one locked in, but yeah knew Grant was looking around n stuff. Yeah Ali is living in Vic now, doing stuff for monterey, here till the end of the year I think. Chat to ya later.

Thanks for dropping by dave, I'll head over and give your blog a look.

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