Friday, July 08, 2005

Dangerous Stories 1

Saturday morning's sesiion opened with one of my favourite speakers going around-Michael Frost. Loved a lot of the stuff he was on about, but his thoughts on worship really got me thinking. He talked about the feminisation of many of our worship songs-the rise of the 'Jesus is my boyfriend' kinda songs-and why they might be so predominant.

He talked about how our imagination has been so captured by the secular media that it has severley skewed our concepts of what it means to love. We are told that the way you express love is predominantly sexually-and that's so true-I see it everywhere. And this image has hijacked the hearts and minds of those in the church, and this often expresses itself in our worship music.

I think this false image of love that has so fully been drilled into my brain is a big part of the reason I have always struggled to express my relationship with God as one of love. Because when I think love, I think romance, and that is a totally not a way I relate to God! It's taken me a long time to recognise that I do love God, but just not in a way that many others might. My love for God is more similar to how I love my Mum-I love her and respect her for all the great things she has done in my life, and the support she is to me.

I need to be careful not to look down at those whose faith is a simple one of love for God-because that's a totally valid way of expressing our relationship with God-and who am I to discredit their experience?


Kitty Cheng said...

that makes a lot of according to Corinthians 13 certainly has a deeper meaning than just romantic / sexual love doesn't it?

thanks for dropping by my blog Digger. will read yours with interest!

Duncan said...

Another thought on this line... What happens when people fall out of love with God?

Mim said...

is romantic/ sexual love really love without the respect, support and careing?-isn't that the core of Love but society tends to concentrate on the more instantly gratifying aspects that may come from Love and therefore often missing the point?

hamo said...

yes - this was a great insight. I had never really considered our idolatry of romantic love

Digger said...

Yeah for sure kitty. Great question duncan-very interesting thought. I think that's when that aspect of making a decision to love God comes in, something that is based on more than feelings.

That's like (not that I'd really know) when you make a decision to marry somebody, which is a decision to keep loving them even when they piss you off etc.

Yeah totally Mim-you've got it there.

sare mason said...

hey digs.
can't wait to hear this session on cd, as this is a topic i think about a lot, particularly lately having read thru 1 corinthians and delving into 1 cor 13 a bit deeper than before!!!

Mim said...

(Not that I'd know either!) Is it a decision to love someone even when they piss you off?
Not sure that you can decide to stop respecting and caring about just because you don't want to or whatever reason.
Do people decide to love/not love God, I guess you can decide to learn more of God etc. Maybe as God demands so much of our respect and Love for everthing he's done for us that we can't help but / and are lost without loving Him- even when God pisses us off!