Friday, July 01, 2005

Mission as personal formation

Not long ago I was talking to a mate who had recently become a Christian about the new choices he was making in terms of what he was doing with his time now he was a new Christian. He promptly reeled off to me a whole bunch of 'non-Christian' activities he was stopping. I was particularly annoyed at him stopping being part of a certain sporting team we were both in.

His reason was that he simply needed some time to work on his own faith before he could do too much else. Now coming from the background he did, I didn't totally disgree, i think it was really important for him to involve himself in Christian community-but not five days a week!

It was a classic case of 'redemption and lift': somebody comes to faith, then within six months to two years they have no significant relationships outside the church. Thats a ctually statistically proven.

I've always been of the school of thought that the best way for a person to grow and develop in their faith is to actually go out and put it into practise, to go out and participate in God's mission to the world, a big part of which is done through just being Jesus-with-skin-on to the people we find ourselves encountering everyday.

People talk of wanting to share their newfound faith witht the world, yet then that night go to yet another Bible study, church meeting or program...


Trav said...

Hear hear! your right on the money. We are not becoming more like Jesus by hiding in a church, keep our social lives safe.

owl said...

Spiritual babes do often need a growth
period, to avoid backsliding. But then
it does become easy to get comfortable
out of the world.

Matt Stone said...

You said it.

To be fair though, it takes extreme perseverence to resist the attractional church pull when that's that's all that's commonly on offer. Pastors must take their fair share of the blame for this. Cultural circumcision is as old as Gal 6:12-15.

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