Thursday, July 07, 2005

On Teaching...

Due to Forge induced tiredness and resulting sickness, am still yet to sit down and process my thoughts from Dangerous Stories, but last night was just able to attend my local area's Mission Action Team (a 5-week small group looking at what it means to live missionally in our community) which I am really enjoying.

I feel we are starting to develop an inkling of that sense of 'communitas' (a term invented by some sociologist to describe the powerful bond formed in a group that is meeting together and working toward a common goal) it's just really encouraging hearing everybody's stories about how they are seeking to be Jesus-with-skin-on to their communities.

Anyway, it was a really interesting feeling being part of a group working through materials you have yourself put together (with Cindy n Grant). I knew where we wanted the discussion to go, the questions we wanted it to stimulate in people's minds, the direction people might move toward, but I really had to stop myself from saying all of this.

I really felt that if the people in my group were to grasp the concepts we were on about, they would have to get there themselves. I could have easily just said the 'answers' and gone home feeling satisfied that I had 'taught' my group something. But would that have really achieved what we hoped? Maybe not.

It is interesting to pick up the vibe around the church that after being given the oppurtunity to sit around and discuss, to flesh out and explore what we have been talking about in our sermons for a while now, that people are really starting to get excited about mission and their community, many for the first time.

I wonder what all of this says about the ways we go about 'teaching' in our congregations...

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Unordered said...

Is this MAT group a forge thing or something your church is doing?