Thursday, August 11, 2005

Challenges and Complacency

Ash Barker spoke wonderfully on Sunday night at Franga, opened up a lot of people's eyes to some of the issues facing the urban poor and those living in slums, and had some great insights about incarnational mission. It was really spot on for where Frankston is heading, and totally awesome stuff. It was also cool as to hear of his early work as a missionary to the Pines, which little did he know is being carried on by members of our church today.

I think the challenge for me when I hear people like Ash speak, and Steve Said from TEAR who spoke at Tabor yesterday, is not to get complacent about the issues to do with the poor and marganalisewd in our society. I've heard much of it before, and understand the theology and where they're coming from, but its way too easy to just switch off because 'I've heard it all before'. I think the moment we stop letting ourselves be challenged by Jesus's radical call to care for the poor, the minute we stop feeling uncomfortable about how much stuff we have-and how little we give away; that is when we start to lose what it is to follow Jesus.


Sarah L said...

hey dogs. i so agree with it opening up peoples eyes. yet it was something as small as that micah challenge video at cacktus thats getting me going. its spomething i would love to get behind.

Sarah L said...

by the way it was sposed to say DIgs. stupid keyboard :-p