Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Christology 2

A good modern-day analogy he used to support the orthodox view was that light can have the characteristics of both waves and particles, so Jesus embodies noth humanity and divinity in his one person. Not a bad one.

Another idea the author talks about is that of the Ebionites, who proclaimed Jesus was a supremereligious genius who proclaims and embodies 'what is most divine in man'. this is something similar to what I tend to hear a lot of today, both in and outside the church that Jesus was the most perfect example of what it means to be divine, that the life he led will also lead us to discovering that which is of God within all of us.

This is a concept not too dissimilar to the Buddhist path to Enlightenment, of becoming all that we were created to be, connecting most wholly with the Source of Life etc. It would make for some interesting conversation to discuss these theories and where they agree and disagree with a practising Buddhist-but unfortunately I don't know any. It's also pretty similar to many theories that people who write in 'new spirituality/holistic living' type magazines would seem to hold to.

Another similar, more recent theory is that of some guy called Schleiermacher, who said "Jesus Christ is not a divine being who assumed human nature but a prophetic figure who fully realises the divine nature that is in all mortals.... He is not the Word made flesh but the exemplar of perfected human nature, the essence of elevated humanity. Jesus is not the arrival of something new in the sensible world but rather a clue to the diviny inherent in us all.... He saves by awakening the God-consciousness within us."

Not sure where I stand on all of this, but there's some fantastic stuff to chew on there for a while.


mase said...

sounds ace digs.
it's hard hearing theories about Jesus for me...dunno why. probably cos i'm so used to hearing certain explanations over and over, though what that schleummmmmumumumwhats-his-name said about Jesus not being the Word becoming flesh...isn't that a direct contradiction of the Bible?
interesting none the less! see ya soon.

The Neuromancer said...

"isn't that a direct contradiction of the Bible?"
it is completely ;)
John 1:14
'And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father)'

Schleiermacher must be one of those "the facts are irrelevent" sorts. An emotional feeling that you're not going to suffocate with your mouth and nostrils glued together isn't going to change the fact that you need to breath to live. (Yes, that was an excuse to use an annalogy.)

btw, about alternate views, have you seen skepticsannotatedbible.com ?

Digger said...

Yeah see I love it mase-cos am sick of hearing the same ones over and over :)

Yeah I'm not to keen on that particular part of the schiglegruber quote, but he does raise some other interesting points.

Digger said...

Good to see you're on top of your Bible facts neuro. Fascinating passage that John 1, one of the most theologically rich texts in the Bible. hopefully you'll be able to make a bit more sense of it once you know greek mase!

mase said...

haha, yeh, actually John 1 is the text we're using to learn the stuff!!!

i agree: the same jargoned explanations over and over again do tire me, and it tends to lead to accepting certain things without really thinking bout em.
the thing is, it's one thing to hear them, it's another to know them and really be able to experience what they mean, and until you get to the point of understanding what they mean, they are just cliche`s. but yeh, challenge me wit alternate views anyday.