Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fraser Gehrig + Religious Vilification

Awoke this morning to see a very interesting story, that Fraser Gehrig is under investigation from the AFL for religious vilification-the first case, although probably not instance, in our great game.

Word has it he called devout Christian Fremantle full-back Shane Parker a 'Bible-bashing c*$#'. Apparently he wasn't actually offended by it, but reported it to the umpires to try and put Fraser off his game, in what was a heated exchange between the two.

I'm glad he wasn't offended, because if he was I'd tel him to get over himself, but good on him for using a bit of gamesmanship I say.

I believe this is a first in AFL, and apart from a few instances in soccer, is very much not a part of Australian sporting culture. Can any of my international readers shed any light on the situation with this kind of thing in their country?